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Is the COVID-19 lockdown encouraging an increase in cycling?


Some recent data collected by Cycling Scotland suggests that the current situation has encouraged us to go out more on our bikes. Analysing data from automatic sensors counting cycling across Scotland has revealed a very significant increase in bike journeys in some parts with a staggering 215% increase in Dunfermline.

The analysis compared the second half of March to the same period in 2019. The largest increases are listed below.

  • Dunfermline: 215%
  • Newton Mearns (Capelrig Burn): 121%
  • Dundee (Arbroath Road): 94%
  • Livingston: 66%
  • Bathgate: 51%
  • Denny: 53%
  • Kirkcaldy: 30%
  • Dumfries (Cargenbridge): 29%
  • Dunoon: 17%
  • Helensburgh: 16%

So while much sport and recreation across the UK is restricted by the lockdown and social distancing cycling seems to have benefited from its accessibility. The question will be, after the lock down is relaxed will this renewed interest in cycling be maintained?