A great podcast critically reviewing the latest cycling science

About this podcast

Welcome to the Cycling Science Podcast!

The aim of this podcast is to provide you with the latest scientific information to enhance your cycling. This will include performance cycling as well as cycling for health benefits. The podcast aims to provide information for everyone whether you are a cyclist, triathlete or a coach.

Each podcast will have common features:

  • A news round-up – picking up on the latest cycling news that has a science angle to it. Unlike some other cycling podcasts we will not cover specific race results or profile riders unless there is something of scientific interest.
  • A scientific paper review – we will review and debate at least one recently published research paper per episode
  • An interview with a guest – for each episode we will aim to have a guest to share their knowledge and experience on one aspect of cycling science
  • Myth buster – in this segment we will focus on the scientific evidence for some common practices in the cycling world and debate whether there really is substantive supporting evidence
  • Listener questions – we will invite our listeners to send us their questions and do our best to answer them
  • Equipment reviews – we, the hosts, like tech as much as you do so will review from time to time equipment claiming to make a significant difference