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Episode 8 – Investigating the best design of Interval training?

In this episode I look at the science behind the design of interval training in an interview with Arthur Bossi (@ahbossi) who is in the final stages of his PhD, that dreaded ‘writing-up’. We specifically discuss one of his papers (details below) from his PhD which has just been published. Interval training is very widely used in all training programmes yet our scientific understanding is actually somewhat limited. Of course there are lots of coaches that swear by their own versions of training programmes however much of that is on gut feeling rather than based on any solid scientific research. Therefore this paper from Arthur is particularly important in that it gives a bit of a greater understanding of the physiological responses to a specific design of interval. Of course what it does not tell us is the longer term adaptation but at least we understand the physiological demand.

International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

Optimizing Interval Training Through Power-Output Variation Within the Work Intervals

Arthur H. Bossi, Cristian Mesquida, Louis Passfield, Bent R. Rønnestadand James G. Hopker


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