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Episode 19 Interview with Prof Rob Lamberts – Reliability of Recovery Heart Rate Variability

In this episode I interview Prof Rob Lamberts and we discuss his recent publication ‘Reliability of Recovery Heart Rate Variability Measurements as Part of the Lamberts Submaximal Cycle Test and the Relationship with Training Status in Trained to Elite Cyclists’. European Journal of Applied Physiology. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00421-023-05385-z.

Prof. Rob Lamberts, head of Research at the Division of Movement Science and Exercise Therapy at Stellenbosch University, is renowned for his work in high-performance cycling, focusing on optimizing training prescriptions to manage fatigue and prevent overreaching. With a PhD from the University of Cape Town, where he developed the Lamberts Submaximal Cycle Test, Rob is a leading applied exercise physiologist and expert in cycling physiology. He serves as an associate editor for the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, contributes as a Scientific board member to the European College of Sport Science, and has collaborated with top cycling teams and associations. Lamberts boasts over 100 peer-reviewed publications, a Scopus h-index of 26, and more than 2300 citations.

Consider attending the European College of Sport Science Congress in Glasgow 2-5th July https://sport-science.org/index.php/congress/glasgow-2024. I am the President of the congress and Rob will be there too.