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Cycling helps to maintain immune function into old age

As if we need more evidence of the benefit of cycling into old age, some new research looking at immune function. The research team from Kings College with colleagues from University of Birmingham, found that some of the cyclists aged 75 and over had immune systems equivalent to 20 year old’s.


2 thoughts on “Cycling helps to maintain immune function into old age

  1. I would strongly criticise this research. The conclusion should be:

    People who, for many reasons, are still able to cycle at age 75 have favourable immune phenotype.

    Cause and effect, correlation and cause, are inappropriately conflated.

    1. Hi Arthur, you do make a good point however there is no logical link between cycling ability and immune function therefore there is some justification in the researchers assumptions in terms of the direction of the cause and effect. There will of course be many other confounding factors which are extremely difficult to control.

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