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Episode 2 Cycling and pollution

Research Papers

In this episode we discuss the findings from a research group in Canada who have recently published two papers from the sams study where they had some cyclists exercise while inhaling diesel fumes.  

Giles, Luisa V., Christopher Carlsten, and Michael S. Koehle. 2018. “The Pulmonary and Autonomic Effects of High-Intensity and Low-Intensity Exercise in Diesel Exhaust.” Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source 17 (1): 87.

Giles, Luisa V., Scott J. Tebbutt, Christopher Carlsten, and Michael S. Koehle. 2018. “The Effect of Low and High-Intensity Cycling in Diesel Exhaust on Flow-Mediated Dilation, Circulating NOx, Endothelin-1 and Blood Pressure.” PloS One 13 (2): e0192419.


Interview with Dr James Tait, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds who talks about his research which is more focused on characterising the dose of pollution that cyclists are subjected to in congested traffic.


Linking to the discussion in our first podcast we return to Zwift, where we talk about the idea the Zwift racing is harder than real racing. I tend to agree with this great article in Cycling Weekly https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/11-things-know-race-zwift-407278/amp

Bert de Clercq the first pro-peloton cyclist to return to top flight racing with an artificial hip.

The rise of women’s pro racing, how fast are they or were the men just too slow? We discuss the incident when the women’s race caught up to the men’s race that had started 10 minutes earlier in the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad.

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