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How does a cycling club cope with the COVID-19 lockdown?

Dunfermline Cycling Club completed a member survey to try and find out how its members were adapting to the restrictions. The majority of respondents (75%) were still riding outside as part of their ‘permitted’ daily exercise. However in addition a large proportion (65%) were utilising some form of smart trainer with associated software (Trainer Road, Zwift, RGT, Sufferfest).

However the lockdown had resulted in a large proportion (45%) reducing the amount of training thus impacting on fitness. In contrast some (20%) had actually managed to increase their amount of cycling.

The options afforded by new indoor training technology has affected the preferred options for club members with 61% asking for the club to organise closed group rides on Zwift.

While the majority of club members (84%) felt that the technology was not a barrier to taking part they still felt that they would benefit from more information on participating in online group rides.