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Episode 4 – Crash Bang

In this episode we discuss a recent paper on acute injuries in mountain bikers published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Injuries are always present in mountain biking so this paper tries to provide a bit more detail comparing amateur and elite riders.

Stoop, Rahel, Erich Hohenauer, Thomas Vetsch, Tom Deliens, and Ron Clijsen. 2019. “Acute Injuries in Male Elite and Amateur Mountain Bikers: Results of a Survey.” Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 18 (2): 207–12.

Appropriately also included is an interview with Dr Michale Bottlang the inventor of the Bontrager Wavecell helmet. The revolutionary helmet design which is designed to reduce the rotational forces potentially experienced by cyclists in a fall.

The interview gives a great insight to the science behind the development and testing of the wavecell helmet. If you are interested in a more visual representation of the benefit of this technology then this video (https://youtu.be/iilGcMeKkuc) using an egg as a representation of your brain gives a very clear image of the improvement that wavecell can make.

In our news section we talk about:the recent press that eBike users are just as active a normal bike users
brief discussion on a new paper looking at the long term of high dosage of vitamin D
the recent revelations from Jani Brajkovic about the prevalence of eating disorders in the pro peleton the true story of the cyclist with the highest-ever VO2max

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