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Episode 3 – Critical Power

Sorry it has taken a bit longer than expected to complete our third episode, but here it is.

Episode 3 – Critical Power

Research Paper and Interview

I speak to Dr Paul Morgan about his paper on ‘Critical Power’ and its potential relationship with TT performance and FTP.

Morgan, Paul T., Matthew I. Black, Stephen J. Bailey, Andrew M. Jones, and Anni Vanhatalo. 2019. “Road Cycle TT Performance: Relationship to the Power-Duration Model and Association with FTP.” Journal of Sports Sciences 37 (8): 902–10.


Death of Kelly Catlin, we discuss the circumstances around the tragedy of Kelly taking her own life earlier this year. Are there lessons to be learned in terms of the mental health of athletes.We try to raise awareness of the some of the issues and how this might apply to cyclists and what resources are there available for coaches?UCI probing blood doping scandal after two Austrian pro cyclists confess.

Two cyclists (Stefan Denifl Georg Preidler) confess to blood doping, raising questions about the biological passport and its ability to catch the cheats.

UCI start to control Tramadol, not banned by WADA but there will be sanctions for pro-tour riders who have a positive test for tramadol.