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Dr Freeman and the testosterone saga rolls on

The General Medical Council (GMC) continue their investigation into Dr Freeman’s fitness to practice. Despite the now elongated process I dont think that we are any closer to the truth. Who exactly die he order it for? Claims that it was for Shane Sutton’s erectile disfunction do seem a bit far fetched. Although if Shane was innosent then why storm out of the tribunal? Would you not stay and put the record straight? I suspect that there is a lot more going on here that we do not yet know?

Recent suggestions that Dr Freeman had been researching the effects of testosterone on endurance performance and he had downloaded research articles to his laptop on the face of it would not be that unusual? However articles on Viagra, testosterone and endurance performance all together are slightly more unusual.

Anyhow Dr Freeman has admitted to a whole string of irregularities 18 of the 22, but is now digging in his heels about the exact purpose of ordering the testosterone and who exactly it was for? Not sure where this is going next and exactly what new evidence is still to appear if any. Although I think that we can be pretty sure that Shane Sutton will not voluntarily appear again.