A great podcast critically reviewing the latest cycling science

First Episode ‘Energy Deficit’

Episode 1

1.Introduction to the hosts of the Cycling Science Podcast

2. Background of the Cycling Science Podcast hosts

3. Research paper review

Keay N, Francis G, Hind K. Low energy availability assessed by a sport-specific questionnaire and clinical interview indicative of bone health, endocrine profile and cycling performance in competitive male cyclists BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine 2018;4:e000424. doi: 10.1136/bmjsem-2018-000424

4. Interview with Dr Ruth McKean

Ruth is a very experienced sports nutritionist having worked for many years in the Scottish Institute of Sport and Scottish Swimming. She has recently moved to work with the British Skeleton Squad. Ruth talks in depth about RED-S and energy deficit in athletes. She also discusses her work with Mark Beaumont in his successful attempt to cycle around the world in less than 80 days.

5. News

Robert Marchand, French World Record holder is back cycling at the age of 106!

Zwift has recently secured a $120 million funding boost to further improve the platform but what is Zwift? What do the hosts think?

Strava annual report shows that the over 50’s are the most active cyclists in 2018

Powermeters to be banned in the Tour de France